Sam’s Good Night


The sun slipped past the forest trees.
Sam the Goat pulled up his sheets
all the way to his white teeth.
His mama tickled his four feet.

Daddy came and tucked him tight
“Time for bed, love. Kiss, good night.”
The magic words, the fading light.
He closed his eyes and all was right.

“Wack and blomp and squaddle-bow!”
Said the loudest sound in Sam’s small town.
He tossed and turned, around, around.
Sleep slipped away, sideways and down.

His good night words all twisted inside
No “time for bed”, no “kiss, good night.”
The bed too hard, the stripes too striped
No sleep for Sam, as hard as he tried.

He stood and crossed the mud green lake.
Grouchy Goat sat on the bank.
He gave a grumble, snuff, and shake.
“Go to bed, boy, give us a break.”

“No, no,” said Sam. “That’s not quite right.
I need my words to have a good night.”
“Well, stop mid-go on your little feet.
I don’t have the thing you seek.”

Sam looked around at the muddled lake, the slippery sun, no one, no one…

No one here but Grouchy Goat, sipping tea suddenly.

There was a yawn in Sam he couldn’t fight.
So he ran away to find his good night.


He found a girl flying high
she scooped him up, up to the sky.
“Night time calls, man. Take a bite.”
“No!” said Sam. “That’s really not right.”

He fell onto a pillow cloud.
The sun had gone under the ground.
“Sleep is here, kid. Dream tonight.”
“That’s not…” said Sam. “It’s just not right.”

They floated through the rising moon
past a bluebird cooing coo
Nothing there, nowhere in sight,
the words he needed to have a good night.

“They’re lost,” Sam cried, back on his feet.
He ran through trees and dreams and sleep
searching for the reason why
the words would run away and hide.

He opened his eyes.
He didn’t remember closing them.

“Shh, shh,” said mama, kissing his head.
“Shh, shh,” said daddy, kissing his cheek.
“Time for bed, love. Kiss, good night.”
“Time for bed, love. Kiss, good night.”

“Yes! That’s it, you got it right!
You found the words for my good night.”
Sam smiled and closed his eyes real tight,
and fell back to his cloud for the perfect good night.