Skin Deep


15 year-old Kyna thought she had kicked her habit of seeing monsters a long time ago, but when she meets a man who seems not to notice his own snapping, snarling shoulder, she realizes her days without monsters are over. Match, an awkward, gum-smacking teenager, knows all about the stuff Kyna is seeing. The extra eyes, the zit plague that attacks the mean girls at school, they’re all physical manifestations of badness (or droch, to be official about it).

When Match starts handing Kyna faulty intel, it’s up to her to fight off her own droch and figure out who to trust. Time gets crunchy when she meets the woman who destroyed her father. Kyna’s next on the list, and if she doesn’t fight back, her dad’s ex-love will use Kyna’s own powers to turn us all into monsters. She has some help – herIMG_1190 new mysteriously strong friend Doctor, the grey-haired neighbor boy Harry, and Colt, an mmmBoy if there ever was one, but ultimately, this is Kyna’s game.

My work as a volunteer for WriteGirl, a mentoring organization for teen girls, helped me discover this novel.

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