Life, Death, and Classes


16-year-old Olivia Morris is driving through a neighborhood with “Bohemian Rhapsody” on repeat when she hits a bump that’s not a bump. Over the course of the next two months, her life hangs on the bleeps and11082653_951725628184420_4994337323578507942_n bloops of a little boy’s heart monitor. Olivia and her classmates chronicle their lives over this period through audio and written journals, an assignment from their AP English teacher.

As the class works their way through the assignment, what could have been a tragedy becomes something much worse. Olivia’s boyfriend Dylan decides this is his moment to be there for her, and his obsession grows as Olivia drifts away. In his mind, the only thing standing between them is a little boy in a coma.

Of course, there’s also a musical to be cast, zits to be popped, love stories to write, winter formals to plan, and buckets of juicy gossip to spill.

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